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What is IEE™ Incubated Egg Extract?

IEE™ Incubated Egg Extract is comprised of MeB12 in combination with nutrients that are extracted from 9-day-old, incubated, fertile chicken eggs using a patented process developed in Norway. No other dietary supplement on the market brings together these advanced ingredients in clinically relevant dosages to provide fast, long-lasting support for mind-body wellness under times of stress.

IEE™ Incubated Egg Extract nutritional profile includes amino acids, glycopeptides and oligopeptides held in a unique balance not found in other whole food supplements. A number of clinical studies indicate that this extract acts as a catalyst for hormonal production and expression, including testosterone, the hormone with the most potent effect on sexual desire for both men and women.

Incubated Egg Extract has shown to provide major benefits for people dealing with stress-related conditions, due to its ability to positively influence levels of cortisol, often called “the stress hormone.

And of course, no stress support supplement would be complete without the key “anti-stress” Vitamin B12. But we didn’t settle for just any B12. We selected only the most clinically advanced, high-absorption, pharmaceutical-grade form possible. MeB12 is a patented form of methylcobalamin costing over $3,000 per pound.

Vitamin B12 is an important nutrient that helps prevent memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease and pernicious anemia. MeB12 differs in both form and function from common forms of B12 such as cyanocobalmin.

MeB12 has been shown in clinical research to:

  • Contribute to normal red blood cell formation*
  • Contribute to a normal function of the immune system
  • Contribute to normal cell division
 in support of brain health and function*
  • Contribute to normal energy metabolism*

No other dietary supplement on the market brings together these advanced ingredients in clinically relevant dosages to provide fast, long-lasting support for mind-body wellness under times of stress.

Study on Lowering Stress Response

In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study was performed to test the possible effect of Incubated Egg Extract in acute stress (TSST). The study specifically looked at:

  • Heart rate
  • Cortisol level
  • Subjective evaluation of acute stress (VAS)

The study used nonsmoking healthy male volunteers, age 20-50 years old.

The result of the study showed that the participants taking patented Incubated Egg Extract scored significantly lower in the subjective acute stress under TSST compared to the placebo group (graph below to the left).

Study on Lowering Depression

Also, Published in the Journal of Medicinal Food, a 12 week double-blind, placebo-controlled study investigated the effects of Incubated Egg Extract intake on outcome measures for depression.

The study indicates that the fertilized egg powder has an anti-depressive effect and may be an alternative or an adjunct to anti depressive medication for some patients.

Study on Muscle Growth, Strength, and Performance

A six-week, double-blind placebo-controlled study was conducted by Professor Törnblom at the University of Colorado and Arapahoe Community College. The study compared the effectiveness of two nutritional supplements in increasing muscle strength and muscle mass. The effects of taking 5 grams of a 50/50 blend of Incubated Egg Extract and Creatine were compared with taking only 5 grams of Creatine Monohydrate by itself. Results are shown below.

IEE™ Incubated Egg Extract + Creatine Creatine Monohydrate Alone
Increases in Leg Press 21.2 Kg 12.2Kg
Increases in Bench Press 21.2 Kg 6.1Kg

In addition, a number of subjective conditions including energy levels, stamina, and subjective health were also measured. Virtually all of the study participants who took Incubated Egg Extract experienced a significant increase in physical energy, stamina, and muscle strength.

Study on Sexual Desire / Libido Enhancement

In 1997 a study was published to The Journal of International Medical Research through Cambridge Medical Publications that looked at how Incubated Egg Extract could increase male libido.

Over periods as short as 2 weeks 58% of participants with low sex drive noticed improvements.

Historical Use

For many years, people in Norway and throughout Scandinavia have extracted and consumed the nutrients from 9-day-old, fertilized, pre-embryonic chicken eggs that are incubated under controlled conditions until they have reached peak levels of nutrients and growth factors.

There are other countries that have long benefited from eating incubated eggs.

In the Philippines and several of the Asian countries, there is a traditional food called balut. Balut is a fertilized chicken or duck egg that is incubated for 21 days. This egg has a fully formed baby chick, which would prevent many Westerners from eating it and even some of the Asiatic people as well. So they also have a second egg called Penoy that is fertilized for only 9-days. The chick has not yet started to be formed at this stage. Both of these eggs are then boiled and sold by street vendors who walk through the neighborhoods, frequently after dark hollering balut, balut.

Boiling the eggs compromises some of the health benefits, but both of these eggs are said to give you strong knees, good libido and a very refreshing night’s sleep and that is due to the high content of proteins and a substance called Laminin.

What is Laminin?

From Wikipedia: “Laminins are a family of proteins that are an integral part of the structural scaffolding of basement membranes in every animal tissue.”

Laminins are literally what hold us together. They are Cell Adhesion Molecules and without them, we would literally fall apart.

Laminin content reaches its peak at 9-days of incubation and many people have claimed to receive almost miraculous health benefits after consuming these eggs for a period of time.

Note: This information is for educational purposes only. FreeMart makes no claims as to the content or amount of Laminin in its IEE™ Incubated Egg Extract.

Patented Extraction Process

Using a patented process, it is possible to extract and freeze-dry the nutrients found in fertile, incubated eggs, thus preserving them and making them available to people who otherwise could not partake of the wonderful health benefits they produce.

These nutrients include proteins, 22 amino acids, vitamins, minerals, growth factors and biological defense factors, oligopeptides and glycopeptides among a host of other nutrients needed to develop the embryo and produce a healthy chick.

Note: These are all-natural nutrients extracted directly from a universally accepted food source (fertilized chicken eggs) and are not to be confused or associated with synthetic peptides and other unnatural substances.

Research done on Incubated Egg Extract confirms a wide range of important health benefits, some of which include:

  • Increasing Libido
  • Moderating Stress Response
  • Improving Emotional Balance
  • Reduction of excess body weight
  • Improving Muscle Tone & Strength
  • Improving Stamina & Energy Levels
  • Maintaining Healthy Cortisol Levels
  • Building Collagen for Healthier Skin
  • Regulating Production of Serotonin
  • Promoting Longer & More Restful Sleep
  • Giving an overall sensation of well-being
  • Improving Brain Function, Focus & Memory

Incubated Egg Extract Goes MLM

A few years ago, the original patented Incubated Egg Extract from Norway was introduced to the world using a different trade name than IEE™ Incubated Egg Extract through referral-based marketing. A vast majority of people who supplemented with the original patented formula were amazed at their increased alertness, mental acuity, reduced joint pain, increased mobility, improved energy levels and feeling of well-being. This unique product took the health care and referral based industry by storm and for quite some time it was the talk of everyone in the industry.

Unfortunately, like so many products before it, the original product was replaced with an inferior one to increase profits and people stopped getting the wonderful results they previously enjoyed and consequently, many of them simply quit purchasing it.

The Good News

FreeMart has acquired the “original” IEE™ Incubated Egg Extract and we are extremely excited to now be able to offer it to our FreeMart members!

How does IEE™ Incubated Egg Extract Work as a Dietary Supplement?

In the 1970’s a growth factor called FGF was discovered in 9-day-old Incubated Eggs.

FGF is not present in other amino acid formulas. FGF must be acquired through the diet, so unless you make a regular habit of eating balut or penoy, you will no doubt see the importance of supplementing with FreeMart IEE Supplement.

Effect of FGF on the Human Body

FGF is responsible for the complex process of turning amino acids and other nutrients contained in the chicken egg into the building blocks of life.

FGF also plays a vital role in the development of blood vessels and neurites in the brains of all mammals. The lining of the circulatory system assists the distribution of nutrients to all parts of the body. Neurites are the part of the neurons in the brain that send and receive information.

The presence of FGF enables quicker absorption of nutrients and this is one of the principal reasons why embryonic growth happens so fast.

Many teams of scientists have tried to figure out how FGF benefits humans. What they discovered is that FGF has a connection to stem cell formation – the body’s natural “repair” mechanism.

Acting like stem cells, FGF can differentiate into a wide variety of healthy cells which can then be utilized by the body to help repair damaged and dysfunctional tissues, which can potentially turn FGF into an important factor for the treatment of neurological diseases.

FGF directs amino acids and peptides to the right cells of the body, playing a vital role in telling cells how to best utilize these nutrients for cell growth and repair. FGF concentrates in areas that have undergone damage, turning into healthy cells of that particular organ or tissue. This activity can rapidly assist the body in healing injuries and improving the health and function of problem areas. This is one of the reasons why 9-day-old incubated fertile eggs have such far reaching health benefits.

Clinical studies show that FGF speeds up tissue repair and healing, rejuvenating the body and improving cellular health.

Note: This information is for educational purposes only. FreeMart makes no claims as to content or levels of FGF in its IEE™ Incubated Egg Extract product.

Reduced Cortisol

Studies showed that Incubated Egg Extract can reduce cortisol production by nearly 50 percent. Cortisol is a leading cause of stress and stress related weight gain. Reducing cortisol is one of the keys to keeping chronic stress under control, achieving emotional balance and preventing the formation of fat cells caused by stress.

Although some people received noticeable results in as little as 48 hours, the benefits of taking IEE™ Incubated Egg Extract are accumulative and reportedly improve over time, which may include reduced stress levels, better moods, improved digestion, improved eyesight, stronger knees, better libido and better functioning of the organs of elimination.

Improved Brain Function and Memory

Glycine is a neurotransmitter found in 9-day-old incubated eggs that enhances brain function and memory by controlling glutamate levels in the brain.

Incubated eggs are also a source for lysine, which controls serotonin production and arginine which is needed for the formation of growth hormone.

Incubated eggs are also a good source for leucine and isoleucine, both of which have a beneficial effect on brain function. They are used by brain cells in the production of biochemical components that stimulate the functioning of the upper brain. This part of the brain is responsible for better focus and higher levels of alertness.

Lysine found in 9-day-old incubated eggs, controls serotonin production and arginine, which is needed for the formation of growth hormone.

All of these work together to enhance brain activity, improve mood and help in combating chronic stress.

Some people who were suffering from Alzheimer’s, memory loss and ADD reported an improvement in brain function after taking the original patented IEE™ Incubated Egg Extract supplement.

Added Protection

Cysteine is another amino acid found in 9-day-old incubated eggs. Cysteine is a precursor to glutathione which is the body’s master antioxidant that protects the cells against free radical damage.

Cysteine also helps break down mucus that leads to inflammation, which can benefit people who suffer from respiratory diseases and infections. Chronic problems like bronchitis or COPD may improve by taking cysteine. Studies suggest that cysteine neutralizes some of the ill effects of cigarettes and a wide range of toxins and heavy metals when taken over time.

Youthful Skin, Healthy Hair and Nails

L-cysteine found in 9-day-old incubated eggs is necessary for healthy skin, hair and nails. Continued use of this amino acid tends to beautify and enhance appearance and texture of skin, hair and nails.

Glycine found in 9-day-old incubated eggs also enhances the effects of glutathione and has anti-aging properties as well. Glycine also builds collagen. Collagen is needed to maintain the elasticity and youthfulness of skin. It can be used to prevent the early appearance of wrinkles and to decrease facial lines.

The Role of Amino Acids

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and protein is the building block of tissues. FreeMart IEE™ Incubated Egg Extract is an excellent source of 22 amino acids.

Some of the most important protein building blocks found in 9-day-old incubated fertile eggs:

Cysteine, Glutamic acid, Glycine, Alanine, Lysine, Arginine, Methionine, Isoleucine, Leucine, Tyrosine, Ornithine.

These amino acids are rarely found together in one place, making FreeMart IEE™ Incubated Egg Extract a virtual super food. These amino acids have a profound effect on energy levels, endurance and ability to complete strenuous workouts. They also lift the mind, making it easier to remain positive and motivated.


  • Protein is made up of Amino Acids
  • Protein is a component of every cell and tissue in the human body
  • Hair and the nails are mostly made up of protein
  • Repair of damaged tissue is predominantly dependent upon protein
  • Proteins are essential for the production of enzymes and hormones
  • Protein helps curb hunger, thus contributing to healthy weight
  • Protein is essential for muscle growth and lean muscle mass
  • Protein is also vitally important for bone health

Peptides and Health

The peptides found in Incubated Egg Extract come from fertile chicken eggs (a universally accepted food source) and are not to be confused with peptides synthesized in a laboratory.

Peptides play a really important role in brain function. They are found in large quantities in the hypothalamus and they affect hormone production and the overall balance of the endocrine system.

FreeMart IEE™ Incubated Egg Extract contains small amino acid chain peptides. These are called oligopeptides and because of their size, they are easily absorbed through the lining of the digestive tract.

Bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts can benefit from this supplement. As we have seen from the study above, Incubated Egg Extract produces better results in terms of increased strength than creatine. The numerous health benefits that FreeMart IEE™ Incubated Egg Extract may deliver could make it the supplement of choice for many health enthusiasts.

Start your journey to better health with FreeMart IEE™ Incubated Egg Extract.

Ingredients: Patented Incubated Egg Extract and Patented MeB12 (form of methylcobalamin that differs in form and function from common forms such as cyanocobalmin).


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Ingredients: IEE™ (Patented Incubated Egg Extract) and MeB12 (Patented form of methylcobalamin that differs in form and function from common forms such as cyanocobalmin).

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