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Shopfreemart Pure Gold Concentrate™

Pure Gold Concentrate™

ShopFreeMart Pure Gold Concentrate™ is a highly advanced nano-technology gold solution that may provide some important health benefits.

Gold in Nutrition

Nobody is talking about gold as a nutrient that we need in our daily diet, but I believe that it is.

Gold is readily absorbed by the human body when it contacts skin, saliva, and other fluids and tissues and the body selectively transports gold to certain organs and tissues.

Scientists have a list of about two dozen elements that they have been studying as possibly essential. Boron is at the top of the list, with nickel, silicon, vanadium, and arsenic high up as well. After that comes aluminum. Gold is on the list, but so far down that it doesn’t look promising to see anything happen anytime soon.

Alternative medicine practitioners however have been promoting gold as essential for years, in some cases claiming to back it up with “scientific” studies. Not surprisingly however is the fact that without millions of dollars’ worth of clinical studies, mainstream medicine refers to this as pseudoscience.

One thing that we can no doubt agree upon is the fact that our farm soils are totally depleted of this precious mineral and if gold is an element needed in human nutrition, the only way we are going to get it is through supplementation.

Historical Uses

Gold has been used throughout Egypt and Asia by Royalty for thousands of years and they perhaps knew more about its benefits and how to use it than we do today. The use of gold in modern medicine began around 1890, when the distinguished German bacteriologist Robert Koch discovered that compounds made with gold inhibited growth of the bacillus that caused tuberculosis. His work was honored with the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

Gold has been used historically to treat digestive disorders, circulatory problems, obesity and burns. It has been taken internally and applied topically to rejuvenate the skin.

Symptoms of Gold Deficiency:

  • Mental fog, forgetfulness and low IQ
  • Sleep disorders – insomnia and inability to relax
  • Overweight – obesity
  • Gastric and digestive disorders
  • Arthritis and other joint inflammations
  • Hypertension, high blood pressure, and muscle tension
  • Inability to deal with stressful situations
  • Reduced creativity

Removing Toxic Elements

The body naturally eliminates toxins through the liver, kidneys, lungs, colon, lymph glands and skin, however due to the polluted condition of the world today, most people are running on toxic overload. Toxins are always acidic and create a low-oxygen environment wherein bacteria and viruses thrive. Disease causing microbes lead to all manner of diseases which reduce the life expectancy of humans and which are generally inflammatory and painful.

Like a cut finger that will not heal when it is full of toxins, many bodily functions are hampered and sometimes completely stop working when an organ is too full of toxins. For example, a pancreas that is full of toxins will frequently stop producing insulin due to the fact that it is giving all of its energy to eliminating toxins which are threatening the very existence of the organ.

When the toxins are removed, most often the pancreas will heal itself and once again start producing insulin. The same could be said for the thyroid or any other organ or gland that is on toxic overload.

It is believed that gold increases the body’s ability to eliminate these toxins.

Color and Stability

The color of our mineral solutions can and do change with time and here is why.

ShopFreeMart does not add any chemicals or colors to any of their products; this includes chemical stabilizers. What produces the color in our PureGold for example is the size of the Gold atoms and the number of Gold atoms that make up the Gold nano particles that are suspended in pure pharmaceutical grade water.

White light hits the nano particles of Gold in suspension, but not all of the wave lengths are absorbed; the ones that are not absorbed are reflected back as the color one sees. What is absorbed or reflected back is determined by the size of the atom (Gold, Silver, and Copper all have different atomic sizes) and the number of atoms that make up the nano particle that is suspended in the water. Smaller nano particles of a metal will produce a different color than larger nano particles.

Other manufacturers add stabilizing chemicals to their mineral solutions to prevent them from conglomerating together, thus causing a different color because now the nano particles are larger. We refuse to add stabilizing chemicals in order to maintain purity.

The tendency for Gold nano particles to conglomerate increases as the concentration increases because there are more gold nano particles packed into the same cubic centimeter. In this case 200 ppm has one hundred times more concentration of gold than 2 ppm. The downside of that is the perception that something is wrong if the color changes over time.

The reality is that regardless of the color, the nano particles that are suspended in pure pharmaceutical grade water are 100% safe because they are 99.99+% pure to begin with and they are suspended in pure water.


No claims are made for this product. The foregoing information is based upon research was gathered from several websites, including Pub Med sites from various countries, that are believed to be reliable and which are readily available to the reader. It is presented for educational purposes only and not as medical advice. ShopFreeMart PureGold Concentrate™ is not a medicine and is not meant to prevent or treat any disease. Any possible benefits to be derived from using this product are strictly nutritional.

Recommended Usage

For maintenance dose, simply use concentrated drops under the tongue as recommended on the bottle.

For cellular cleansing, add 1 oz. of PureGold Concentrate plus one dropper full of ShopFreeMart Happy Water Concentrate to one (1) gallon of distilled water. Drink 8-12 oz. first thing in the morning daily. Wait 1/2 hour before eating or drinking anything. Continue until the gallon is empty. This is the recommended procedure for jump starting the body’s own detoxification functions.

Note: If possible, buy your distilled water from a water store that distills it in house. If you must buy distilled water in a plastic jug okay, but do not mix the gold in a plastic jug, as it will quickly pull toxins out of the plastic. If you do not have a gallon glass jar for mixing, then pour 1/4 oz. (1/8 of a bottle) of gold into a glass quart jar and finish filling it with distilled water. Nano gold absorbs sunlight and putting your glass of gold water in the sun for a few minutes before drinking it may increase the benefits derived from drinking water mixed with ShopFreeMart PureGold.

Also Note: Distilled water can be useful for removing excess iron, copper and other heavy metals and may reduce prostate swelling and increase urine flow by removing calcium buildup in the prostate and the kidneys.

The Benefits of Drinking Distilled Water

“When you consume excessive amounts of inorganic minerals from the water you drink, your body cannot rid itself of them fast enough, so they end up as unwelcome deposits scattered throughout your body.”

“In fact, scientific studies have shown that minerals contained in spring water, mineral water, and in tap water are poorly absorbed and mostly rejected by cellular tissue sites. That’s because usable minerals do not pass through cell walls; they must be actively transported by the body’s metabolic processes.”

“The presence of excessive unabsorbed minerals may cause arterial obstruction and internal body damage that can manifest itself in a myriad of ‘modern diseases’. For example, they can precipitate to form kidney and gallbladder stones, hardening of the arteries, arthritis, heart trouble, and dangerous plaques. These plaques often lead to cardiovascular problems, and when joined with uric acid, may result in arthritic symptoms.”

“All water, including distilled water, is made of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, so it is electrically neutral. However, the negative and positive charges are unevenly distributed. The electronic (negative) charge is concentrated at the oxygen end of the molecule. This ever-so-slight charge imbalance coupled with the highest level of purity found in distilled water helps create an alkaline environment, even though distilled water does test acidic for its pH.”

“The unencumbered and subtle negative charge in distilled water attracts the positively charged acidic waste products and helps flush them out of the body. Perhaps this is why another common myth about drinking distilled water is that it causes essential minerals to leach out of the body, but nothing could be further from the truth.”

“Thanks to the cleansing action of distilled water, your body will have a more alkaline pH, which is essential to your bone health, as I write in the Save Our Bones Program.”

“I recommend that you drink distilled water throughout the day and add a few drops of lemon juice to each glass. Lemon juice enhances the purification qualities of distilled water, helps increase the body pH, and gives it a refreshing flavor. I also suggest that you cook in distilled water, not only because of the health benefits (foods absorb the water they’re cooked in), but also you’ll notice a greatly improved flavor.”

Excerpted from Vivian Goldschmidt’s book, The Missing Link Copyright © 2011 Save Our Bones, Vivian Goldschmidt.

Warning: Gold activates impurities and therefore should not be added to tap, well or filtered water. It should be diluted only with distilled water.

Ingredients: ShopFreeMart PureGold is our trademarked brand consisting of 99.99+% pure Gold as bio-available nano particles dispersed and suspended in pure, pharmaceutical grade water.


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