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“You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.” – Dr. Linus Pauling, two-time Nobel Prize Laureate

Since all diseases are accompanied by one or more mineral deficiencies, supplying missing nutrients may strengthen the body and help it to eliminate certain symptoms. There are however, several different isoforms of each mineral; some of them are life-giving and some of them causing oxidative-stress to the body.

For example, nails are made of iron, but chewing on a nail will not give you the right isoform of iron that you need for healthy red blood cells.

In laymen’s terms, minerals (electrolytes) are like tiny light switches that turn on the various
bodily functions. If you are lacking even one mineral in its proper isoform, the cells of your body will suffer some form of dis-ease or dys-function.

This simple science is mathematically predicable, therefore, consuming all of the minerals in their proper isoforms could allow your body to heal itself.

FreeMart products provide you with minerals that are readily assimilable and usable by the body, thereby assisting body parts that were not working properly to begin functioning normally again.


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Our goal at Freemart™ is to develop life-long relationships based upon integrity and giving real value to our members.

Our products are extremely pure and highly concentrated in order to give our members the quickest product experience possible. We also add value to our products by educating members in the area of nutrition and the four major causes of disease.

Understanding the causes of a disease can empower people to make better decisions about how to take care of themselves in order to enjoy optimum health.

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Happy Water™

Drinking the right kind of water is one of your best natural protection’s against all kinds of diseases. If the body’s cells become dehydrated, they shrivel up, making it easy for viruses and diseases to attack.

Water is a vital component of all bodily fluids, tissues, cells, lymph, blood and hormones and the mucous membranes need plenty of water to keep them soft and free from friction on their delicate surfaces.


Pure Gold Concentrate ™

Gold mineral is a necessary electrolyte in the body for turning on the bodily functions that address symptoms of pain, inflammation, digestive disorders, addictions, circulatory problems, and depression.

The use of gold in modern medicine began around 1890, when the distinguished German bacteriologist Robert Koch discovered that compounds made with gold inhibited growth of the bacillus that caused tuberculosis. His work was honored with the Nobel Prize in Medicine.


Pure Magnesium Concentrate

Magnesium helps form bones, protein and fatty acids. Essential for energy production, insulin secretion and heart function. Magnesium is essential for preventing heart disease, the national number one killer. Within the last fifty years, research indicates that approximately eight million people have died from heart failure, due to a lack of magnesium alone.


Pure Copper Concentrate

Copper is an electrolyte that is necessary for turning on a number of bodily functions. It is the third most prevalent mineral in the body and is most heavily concentrated in the blood plasma protein, Ceruloplasmin. Copper promotes normal growth, helps regulate the metabolism and utilization of iron, amino acids and vitamins.


FreeMart Siaga


FreeMart Siaga™ is a proprietary 3-stage extract of three very important herbs. We use a new Quantum Extraction Technology (QET™), which preserves all of the natural benefits of Chaga Mushroom, Black Cumin Seed and Licorice Root.


Kyäni Sunrise™

The Best Mornings Begin with Sunrise. The Wild Alaskan blueberry is one of the most potent sources of antioxidants on the planet. The harsh realities of extreme temperatures, and extended periods of sunlight and darkness have helped create the amazing properties of this remarkable, yet little known berry.

Kyäni Sunset™

Kyäni Sunset® is the only product on the market that combines the most powerful Tocotrienols from the seeds of the tropical Annatto bush and salmon oil from Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon. Tocotrienols are shown to lower cholesterol, promote optimal blood sugar levels, and support a healthy heart.

Kyäni NitroFX™

In health and wellness circles today, Nitric Oxide is a rising superstar. The discovery of Nitric Oxide’s function in the human body is one of the most important discoveries in recent medical and scientific history. The importance of Nitric Oxide was underscored when three Pharmacologists were awarded the Nobel Prize in 1998

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