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The importance of heart health started for me over 20 years ago. On February 1st 1997 my Dad had a massive heart attack at his home and sadly died right in front of my eyes. One minute we were watching a basketball game and the next minute he was gone. For many years it was difficult dealing with his death and multiple times I questioning what I could have done differently to save his life. But no matter how much I prayed or how much I replayed his last days, I could not change what happened that Saturday night.

As I began to get into my late 40’s  I started noticing similar traits in myself that I failed to notice with my dad 20 years back. Work demands were causing me stress and the occasional chest pains were always a concern. The whole situation made me feel like I was following in my dad’s footsteps.

But that’s when I decided I needed to take a stand. No more would I accept taking blood pressure medication to keep my levels at check and then constantly worrying if the meds prescribed to me were doing more harm than good. I decided I was going to take control of my health through natural supplements, minerals and better eating habits.

After only a short period of time on natural supplements and minerals my blood pressure lowered and I was able to reduce my prescription medication. Which obviously got me excited to learn more about proper nutrition and overall heart health.

My vision for Stand Up 2 Heart Disease to help educate people on heart health and teach what we can do naturally, to improve our overall health. Education is power and applying what we learn can change how we physically feel and give us a better quality of life.

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Shopfreemart Happy Water™

Drinking the right kind of water is one of your best natural protections against all kinds of diseases. If the body’s cells become dehydrated, they shrivel up, making it easy for viruses and diseases to attack.

Pure Gold Concentrate™

Gold mineral is a necessary electrolyte in the body for turning on the bodily functions that address symptoms of pain, inflammation, digestive disorders, addictions, circulatory problems, and depression.

Pure MAG Concentrate™

In health and wellness circles today, Nitric Oxide is a rising superstar. The discovery of Nitric Oxide’s function in the human body is one of the most important discoveries in recent medical and scientific history. The importance of Nitric Oxide was underscored when three Pharmacologists were awarded the Nobel Prize in 1998.

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