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Mineralizer is a unique proprietary blend known only to the producers.

Applied to the soil as mineralizer, you can expect to substantially increase your harvest. Not only will the size and yield of the produce be increased, but also the amount of nutrition inside the plant when Free-Mart Mineralizer is added to the soil. Eating produce grown using Free-Mart Mineralizer could improve health and potentially reduce a lot of pain and suffering caused by a variety of diseases all around the world.

Cost of growing food is reduced when using Mineralizer as there is no longer a need for yearly application of chemical fertilizers. And since most pests don’t like these minerals, they simply move onto other fields that do not have these minerals, which reduces and in many cases ends the need for costly and dangerous chemical pesticides. The amount of water needed for irrigation is considerably reduced.

Fruit trees treated with the Mineralizer have been known to blossom two and even three times in the same year. We have received reports of 6-8 pound potatoes, 5-7 pound tomatoes, etc. The results speak for themselves.

Pets and farm animals can benefit by either eating these minerals or drinking water that has Mineralizer added to it. Animals that are raised for food typically go to market earlier and experience less disease and a reduced mortality rate. Giving your animals Mineralizer could give them better health and a longer life.

Mineralizer is harmless if accidentally consumed by pets, animals or children.

Ingredients: Mineralizer has over 80 naturally occurring earth minerals, which in combination with each other considerably increases crop production regardless of your type of soil.

Disclaimer: We are not licensed to distribute this product for human consumption and make no claim that consuming it will prevent or cure any disease or illness.


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Shopfreemart Happy Water™

Drinking the right kind of water is one of your best natural protections against all kinds of diseases. If the body’s cells become dehydrated, they shrivel up, making it easy for viruses and diseases to attack.

Pure Gold Concentrate™

Gold mineral is a necessary electrolyte in the body for turning on the bodily functions that address symptoms of pain, inflammation, digestive disorders, addictions, circulatory problems, and depression.

Pure MAG Concentrate™

Magnesium is essential for preventing heart disease, the national # 1 killer. Within the last fifty years, research indicates that approximately eight million people have died from heart failure, due to a lack of magnesium alone.

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