CTFO CBD Testimony

by Standup 2 Heart Disease, February 2, 2019

Personal testimony from one of our CTFO Associates.

Buzzing and Ringing in Both Ears

My husband, Bill Curran was in a very bad car accident in 2000 and ended up with a broken skull. As a result of that, he has had extreme and constant ringing/buzzing in his both ears that never goes a away and affects his ability to hear. Its loud in his head and been extremely bothersome since that time. No matter what his doctors tried to give him to help get rid of of lessen the severity of this, NOTHING worked, til NOW!

About 3 days ago, Bill finally started using our 1500 10XPure. This morning after he took it, he tells me that he has ZERO ringing in his ears and how weird it feels to hear nothing! No constant buzz, no ringing, just quiet, other than our conversation! He s getting ready to leave for work and says to me, “anything could bring back the ringing and buzzing” to which I replied, “only if you stop taking the 10Pure!”

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