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Anxiety (also called angst or worry) is a psychological and physiological state characterized by somatic, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral components. It is the displeasing feeling of fear and concern. Anxiety can create feelings of fear, worry, uneasiness, and dread. Anxiety is considered to be a normal reaction to a stress and may be helpful in dealing with a demanding situation, but when anxiety becomes excessive, it is then classified as a disorder.

The physical effects of anxiety may include heart palpitations, tachycardia, muscle weakness and tension, fatigue, nausea, chest pain, shortness of breath, stomachaches, or headaches. As the body prepares to deal with a threat, blood pressure, heart rate, perspiration, blood flow to the major muscle groups are increased, while immune and digestive functions are inhibited (the fight or flight response). External signs of anxiety may include pallor, sweating, trembling, and pupillary dilation.

When toxins overload the body, undue stress is put on the organs of elimination and stress burns up the body’s reserves of nutrition at an alarming rate. The protocol for anxiety then is to kill harmful microorganisms by taking 1-2 droppers of Pure Silver 2x daily and eliminate toxins that are causing stress.

ShopFreeMart Pure Nature Nutrients also provides important nutrients that can help to get at the root of Anxiety as well.

Incubated Egg Extract (IEE) has also shown to provide major benefits for people dealing with stress-related conditions due to its ability to positively influence levels of cortisol, often called “the stress hormone.

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