CTFO CBD Testimony

by Standup 2 Heart Disease, January 2, 2019

Amazing story from Macy Goldspring. A associate with CTFO.

“I was working as a general manager for restaurants here in Minnesota. I was putting in anywhere from 12 to 16 hour days. My almost six-year-old at the time was regressing, his behavior and attitude started to change. I had assumed that it was because I was not around and not giving him the attention he needed. Only enough to get him off to school but that was it. I knew something had to change. So I had decided to quit my job. As I was making a decision to quit my job I felt myself sliding into depression and starting to have high anxiety. My mind was constantly racing 1000 mph. Last thing I wanted to do was go get on medication that I had tried before. I could not focus on one thing. I found myself not getting my house in order, and letting things slide. My mom had recommended some hemp oil as she uses it for her pain. I told her I didn’t want anything that was going to get me high. She told me that there was CBD oil and it was THC free. So I did a bunch of digging and looked into it. With all the research that I did, I had decided to try some here at a local store. So I tried it, and I felt the effects of it right away. My mind was calm, I wasn’t worrying about tomorrow, my pain had subsided by over half. I was able to focus on a task and get it done. For the first time in my life I was living “in the moment”. I have tried numerous different kinds, none have compared to the CTFO 10x pure that I have now. I thought to myself since I believe in it so much and what it has done for my mental health and body, why not be an advocate for it and sell it. Trying the 10x pure has been amazing! CBD has been LIFE CHANGING!!”

Very powerful personal testimony from Macy. If you would like to learn more CLICK HERE or you can reach to me at 612-272-4073

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